Those who are not conversant in works of art are often surprised at the high value set by connoisseurs on drawings which appear careless, and in every respect unfinished; but they are truly valuable... they give the idea of a whole.
- Sir Joshua Reynolds
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Armand Cabrera

Posted by Charley Parker at 12:48 pm

Armand Cabrera
Originally from California and now living and working in Virginia, painter Armand Cabrera brings several aspects of his background into play when creating his vibrant, painterly landscapes, still lifes and figurative works.

He draws on his 20 years of experience as a visual development artist for the entertainment industry, in which his clients include LucasFilm Games, Disney, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Virgin Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Microsoft and Paramount Pictures.

He draws on his study of past masters, particularly the painterly realism of late 19th and early 20th century painters and illustrators, many of which he highlights in profiles on his widely read and always fascinating blog, Art and Influence.

Mostly, however, he draws from his own extensive experience as a plein air painter, and brings that sensibility of immediacy and economy of notation to his studio work as well.

Under the “Exhibit” link on his website you will find galleries of studio paintings, outdoor paintings, commissions and narrative paintings. (The major sections have multiple pages, linked numerically at the bottom).

His primary focus is on landscape, and within that genre he tackles a variety of subjects from both his local area and his travels in the U.S. and abroad: woodlands, rocky shorelines, mountains, vineyards, gardens, swamplands, farms and fields, as well as townscapes and marine scenes.

I particularly enjoy those landscapes in which his fascination with light effects is expressed in streaks of sunlight alternating with shadow sweeping horizontally across the composition. He also creates compositions in which value contrasts are reduced, in overcast conditions, but through all of his work is a feeling of color as an expressive element, creating a sense of mood as well as time and place.

You can also find examples of Cabrera’s work on his Art and Influence blog, interspersed with his articles about artists worth investigating (which have introduced me to a number of terrific artists) as well as how-to technical articles about painting process and problem solving, along with several step-through demos. You can find a helpful index of topics in the left column, and his articles are so extensive and interesting that I will give Art and Influence my Time Sink Warning, as you can get happily lost there for hours on end.

Cabrera also teaches workshops and classes, including one coming up this April in Athens, Georgia.

Cabrera’s work is currently on exhibit in a solo show at Interiors of Washington, in Bethesda, Maryland, that runs until April 30, 2013.

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  1. Comment by Brian Harrison
    Tuesday, March 5, 2013 @ 12:51 am

    Oh my, such wonderful, intense yet satisfying images – perhaps a bit ‘ chocolate box ‘ here and there, but still – fantastic.
    Thanks for the ‘ Time Sink ‘ warning Charley, had a quick look at the Art and Influence blog, and see what you mean !!!!
    When I have an hour or two ………………. !

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