Andrea J. Smith

Andrea J, Smith
Originally from Australia, Andrea J, Smith has studied and taught in the U.S. and Europe, and now lives in Rome where she founded and directs Atelier Canova.

In addition to studies at the Florence Academy of Art, where she later became an instructor in drawing, she studied in the U.S. with Michael Aviano, Michael Grimaldi and Nelson Shanks; and co-founded the Harlem Studio of Art with Judy Kudlow.

Smith’s atelier emphasizes classical art training in still life, portrait, figure and landscape painting, and you will find a few examples of her work in those areas in the description of the areas of study.

On her own website, you will find sections for still life, figurative and landscape, with an emphasis on still life.

Her commend of value, color and texture give her still life compositions a wonderful sense of harmony and unity, within which she conjures an almost Chardin-like sense of silent contemplation.

In both her landscape and figurative works, you can also see her dedication to the classical traditions of European painting.

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  1. Thanks so much Charley for this lovely post. And thanks Bill for the compliments!
    It’s an honour to be included here and to share my work with everyone. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Apprezzo moltissimo la pittura di Andrea. Mi piace il suo stile sobrio ed incisivo nel suo realismo. Vorrei molto frequentare la sua “bottega” in maniera assidua proprio come facevano una volta i pittori che andavano a scuola dai grandi maestri e speriamo che un giorno sarà possibile

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