Massimo Carnevale movie portraits

Massimo Carnevale movie portraits
As I reported back in 2011, Italian illustrator and comics artist Massimo Carnevale has for some time been posting to his blog, Sketches’natched, a series of his interpretations of various movies (and occasionally tv series).

These are apparently done for fun, and it’s fascinating how he pics elements from the movies that, while characteristic of them, are not necessarily what you might expect. He often zeros in on incidental and otherwise unimportant scenes, though most are, in essence, portraits.

Carnevale renders them with a wonderfully breezy style, utilizing the economy of painted notation to which digital painting lends itself.

On Carnevale’s blog, you must flip back through the archive one image at a time. For a quicker overview, see his portfolio on CGHub, and some places in which others have collected and posted some of the images in a group, like this post on imgur (via Metafilter), and this one on theCHIVE.

See my previous post on Massimo Carnevale for more information and additional links to examples of his work.