Eye Candy for Today: Bierstadt’s redwoods

Giant Redwood Trees of California, Albert Bierstadt
Giant Redwood Trees of California, Albert Bierstadt.

On Google Art Project; click in lower right of image for zoom controls.

Original is in the Berkshire Museum (no image).

Bierstadt dazzled east coast society with his large scale paintings of a largely untamed continent. Few natural wonders could match these magnificent giant plants.

Giant Redwood Trees of California, Albert Bierstadt


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  1. I have wanted a print of this painting for years. I finally thought I’d found one, & what I got was a painting made by some Chinese artist who tried to copy it, the paint barely dry. Nice effort, but he was no Bierstadt! Are you aware of any prints? I live in the redwoods, & he does capture the feeling & sillence.

  2. Hi Kathy. My best suggestion is to search for “giant redwood trees of california by albert bierstadt print” and among the choices, read the details carefully to make sure they say “print” and not “hand painted” or “handmade” reproduction.

    Heres one from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Poster-Giclee-Print-canvas-California/dp/B00DLAQIIE
    This is the same one: http://wahooart.com/Art.nsf/BuyPrint?Open&RA=8BWKZH&BuySize=10+x+12+inches+/+25+x+30+CM&gclid=CP2J4Ob9h7gCFUOi4AodZxsAvA

    Another: http://www.accents-n-art.com/prints-albert-bierstadt/giant-redwoods-of-california.html

    you can also search for the terms: giant redwood trees of california by albert bierstadt poster:

    I’m afraid you’re also on your own in guessing how faithful to the original the color of the reproduction is likely to be. I would try to get close to the Google Art project image, but printmakers often exaggerate colors to make the prints “more appealing” (sigh).

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