Thomas Millie Dow

Thomas Millie Dow
Scottish artist Thomas Millie Dow, active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, traveled and painted subjects in The US, Franc, Morocco and Italy, as well as in the UK.

I came across his painting Trees, above, top, and was fascinated by it. Unfortunately, I can’t find many examples of his work on the web.


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  1. I own a T M Dow painting from Provincetown that is much more pure impressionistic than most paintings of his I see, less surrealistic and pure study in color and light. Definitely a plein air style landscape. He seemed to be greatly affected by the American school….or maybe just the American landscape.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Bob. I think a lot of painters who started in traditional and academic styles, in the US, UK, Russia and other parts of Europe, as well as Australia, seem to share the practice of picking up some of the best of the Impressionist innovations, without feeling like they had to abandon the underpinnings of academic draftsmanship, giving their work a kind of commonality. I wish there were more images of Dow’s work on the web, hopefully that may improve over time.

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