Cartoon Kevin

Kevin McShane
Cartoon Kevin” is a project by Kevin McShane in which he has over a period of two years drawn cartoon self portraits in the style of 100 different animation artists, from Winsor McCay to this year’s fascinating Disney short, Paperman (my post here).

When viewing the images, hover for the style, click for the larger version.

[Via Cartoon Brew]


3 Replies to “Cartoon Kevin”

  1. While mousing over the first line to see the artists’ names, I had a thought, and started looking them up. Three of the 100 artists/teams involved women (when studios were credited, I looked at the founders). 99 of 100 artists/teams had at least one man.

    Food for thought about the animation industry, don’t you think?

  2. Unfortunately, I think it’s in line with the historic gender distribution of cartooning, comics, illustration and, for that matter, art in general.

    The good news is that seems to be changing in recent decades.

  3. I like the idea and thought many times of doing something similar. But I’m not really feeling these cartoons, most of them look vectorized and that doesn’t fit with the general style of the older ones.

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