Jeremy Deveraturda

Jeremy Deveraturda
Jeremy Deveraturda is an illustrator and digital painter who studied at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and moved from his initial love of watercolor into the appealing freedom of digital art.

His light-filled digital seascapes and landscapes have something of the feeling of gouache, and display his admiration for artists like Sorolla and JWM Turner.

Deveraturda’s website has galleries of both personal work and illustration. In addition he maintains a blog, Paint My Brains Out.

There is an interview with Deveraturda on STAMP magazine.

3 Replies to “Jeremy Deveraturda”

  1. Although I admire the skills and sensitivities it takes to produce such works, and subscribe to the concept that the value of art (especially to the artist) is in the doing more than the final product, this medium leaves me cold as to the latter. They are digital imitations of paint and canvas.

    There, I said it.


    1. Thanks for the comments, Bill.

      I’ve worked in digital art for 18 years, and traditional media for longer, and I just see digital as another medium, albeit an extremely flexible one. Some artists take an approach in which traditional media are emulated in digital tools, others take an approach unique to the qualities of the medium. The nice thing about digital is the capabilities are there for a multitude of approaches.

  2. Thanks for that response, Charley, and I completely agree.

    I make my living using digital media as a tool on a daily basis (landscape architecture) and have been for quite a long time. I was directing my statement specifically to the very finished, right down to the signature, paintings of Deveraturda. I find myself disappointed that I can’t ‘feel’ the paint in the end products especially after going to such great lengths to make them appear to be executed with traditional media.


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