Friday, May 24, 2013

5 thoughts on “Eye Candy for Today: Lerolle’s Organ Rehearsal

  1. Bill Carman

    What an incredibly lovely painting. I rarely use lovely but could think of no other word so appropriate. I’ve never seen this. Once again thanks Charley. Somehow the composition reminds me of the bold things Degas was doing.

  2. Charley Parker Post author

    Yes, I know what you mean about Degas’ compositions:

    This is a rather amazing and daring composition when you think of it — two huge triangles on top of each other, one light one dark, with the singer popping up into the light almost in silhouette, balanced by the highlighted sheet music in the hands of the seated figure (the artist’s wife – the singer is her sister). Striking and, you’re right — lovely.

  3. Charley Parker Post author

    Or worse, beeped at by those horrible automated proximity systems!

    Thanks, James.

    Other readers who are by some chance not familiar with James Gurney’s superb blog, Gurney Journey, should visit it immediately (but I’ll first give my Timesink Warning – grin).

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