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Nick Price

Nick Price
UK illustrator Nick Price is best known for the “Dr. Snuggles” animated series and related series of children’s books, the “Tau Ceti” children’s animated series and the animated feature “Simi & Laminas” as well as “The Wombles” books and others.

He has also done advertising illustrations for a number of high profile clients and created six murals for Heathrow Airport.

I first became familiar with him, however, as the illustrator of the cover of one of my favorite albums (and favorite album covers, for that matter), 1980’s beautifully strange Never Forever from Kate Bush (images above, bottom), for which Price created a suitably beautiful and strange image. (Unfortunately, those not old enough to remember 12″ vinyl LP recordings, with their attendantly large jackets, will not see the full size image; I can’t find a larger example than this on the web.)

For his children’s book illustration, Price primarily uses watercolor, augmented with colored pencil, or pen and ink with watercolor.

Price doesn’t appear to have a dedicated web presence, relying instead on his portfolio on IllustrationWeb.


2 responses to “Nick Price”

  1. Trisha Ferrand Avatar
    Trisha Ferrand


    I love these samples showing the wide range of styles by Nick Price, my favorite illustrator. I only recently came across Kate Bush’s music and videos, and it’s an odd coincidence that today I find this album cover by Mr. Price. I so, so love it, it’s my favorite of all his styles.

  2. Many Thnx to found Nick Price on web on your side…I love his drawings