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Joe Watmough
Joe Watmough is a concept artist for the gaming industry, currently working with Zenimax Online Studios, whose credits include work on Darksiders2, WARHAMMER 40K: Dark Millenium Online, Omega and Blackstar.

In addition to a portfolio on CGHub, Watmough has two blogs, WatmoughPaintings and Ashakar. Though neither has been updated recently, both have additional images of the artist’s work. In addition, you can find a nice sampling of his work on Concept Art World.

I enjoy the way Watmough moves effortlessly between digital and traditional media, using digital painting not only for his professional work, but for sketching still life and landscape subjects from life (images above, second and third from bottom), as well as working from life in traditional media like watercolor (above, bottom).

He brings some of that study of the real world, and the play of light on landscapes and physical objects, into his professional work, where it adds a dimension of tactile immediacy to his imaginary landscapes and built environments.


One response to “Joe Watmough”

  1. This are outstanding. I love the burnt out city on near the bottom. Fabulous stuff.