Friday, June 14, 2013

5 thoughts on “Eye Candy for Today: Emil Carlsen still life

  1. Ælle

    Thank you, Charley Parker, you made my day.

    Søren Emil Carlsen (Born October 19, 1848 (!) in København/Copenhagen, Denmark – Deceased January 2, 1932 in New York, USA)
    From The Palette and Bench, Oct. 1908,:
    …still life painting is considered of small importance in the Art schools, both here and abroad, the usual course being drawn from the antique, the nude, and painting the draped figure and from the nude. …Then why should the earnest student overlook the simplest and most thorough way of acquiring all the knowledge of the craft of painting and drawing, the study of inanimate objects, still life painting, the very surest road to absolute mastery over all technical difficulties.” Emil Carlsen
    (Hear, hear!)

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