KIm Jung Gi

KIm Jung Gi
Despite some glaring flaws in its presentation, this time lapse video of Kim Jung Gi drawing a complex panorama in markers, across two walls at 90° and apparently without preliminary sketch, is fascinating.

Starting with a driver’s face, he goes on to draw cars, bikes, scuba divers and a variety of animals and people, including a self portrait (in red) near the end.

Though there is music initially, it quickly ends, and the video runs an hour and a quarter. James Gurney suggests listening to podcasts while watching.

Unfortunately, the video is marred by a presentation that includes a line advertising a website that features Kim Jung Gi’s work (along with other artists), that is unnecessarily overlapping the image and annoyingly animated.

In addition the video (frustratingly, inexplicably) ends abruptly without a good view of the finished image, and I haven’t been able to find a still of the final piece.

There is another, much shorter drawing demo here. I’ve included links to Kim Jung Gi’s other sites below.

Watching this kind of stream of consciousness drawing reminds me a bit of a time I got to watch Jean “Moebius” Giraud draw convention sketches for an hour or so — seemingly effortlessly.

[Note: some of the images on the linked sites (though not in the video) are distinctly NSFW and not suitable for children.]

[Via Gurney Journey]


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  1. Thanks for the comment Max, but I disagree. I’m certain he can do ink drawings over pencils like many who draw in ink, but a major part of the visual appeal here is the impromptu and casual nature of the drawings. It’s simply a particular approach, and would not have the same feeling if it were done over preliminary pencils.

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