Stanislaw Zoladz

Stanislaw Zoladz
Stanislaw Zoladz is a watercolor painter originally from Poland, where he studied at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts, now living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Zoladz’ beautifully refined paintings are infused with light in many forms, from scintillating daylight to the muted, atmospheric effects of overcast days.

From the relatively small images on his website, you might be inclined to categorize his work as hyper-realistic, or even photo-realistic, but in those few higher resolution images you can find online, it’s clear that his work, when viewed in more detail, retains the fresh immediacy of watercolor painting at its best.

This effect is exaggerated a bit by the fact that in much of his studio work, Zoladz works fairly large. He paints from life, and as far as I know does not rely on photographs for reference, creating his larger studio pieces from smaller location studies.

There are larger images reproduced on the site of Konsthuset Galleri. There is also an interview with Zoladz on the Art of Watercolor blog that includes a few images that are linked to larger versions.

In both of the sections of his website galleries, for originals and reproductions, it’s worth noting that there are additional pages linked from a row of numbers under the thumbnails, and the galleries are actually nicely extensive.

Zoladz is featured in the current issue of Art of Watercolor magazine (Summer 2013, n11).

I’ve listed what other resources I could find below.

[Suggestion courtesy of James Gurney]


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  1. Wow, these are all gorgeous, and I am embarrassed to say I haven’t heard of this fellow Stockholmer… the steamboat in the 3rd picture looks to be the Waxholm III, which I just happened to have spent about 10 hours aboard this past saturday! Zoladz has certainly captured the feel of many of the places in and around Stockholm… the beautiful rocks of the archipelago and lakes… terrific work!

    Thanks for this tip, Charley. Now I know what I’m doing this weekend – heading to Bukowskis to gawk. :)

  2. Charley, I decided to head over to my favourite local newsstand today and when I arrived, I couldn’t find any issues of “Art of Watercolor”. I know they carry it, so I asked the chap at the counter, and he said “I think we have one left back here”. He found the last one under a pile. When he handed it to me, I pointed at the Zoladz cover art and said that the artist lived in Stockholm. He smiled and said, “Yes, that’s why we only have one left. He was in here a few weeks ago and bought a stack of copies.”

    Also, I agree with you, Chris – that ice is wonderful. Check that blog interview link for another view of the same scene that also has some stunning ice effects.

  3. I’m blown away. Especially by the intermingling of colors in the water. The one with the warm earth tone and blue water, soft edges that don’t seem to overlap.. Anyone have a clue HOW? Haha, my brain hurts trying to comprehend! Thanks for the site!!

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