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Mark Boedges
Originally from St. Louis and now based in Burlington, Vermont, where he and his wife recently opened a gallery, Mark Boedges is a plein air painter who finds similar geometric strength in compositions of creeks strewn with ics age boulders and trainyards lined with freight cars or ships at harbor.

In all of his plein air subjects, as well as still life, he delves into variations in the play of light and value, seeking both dramatic contrasts and muted close relationships.

His website features a selection of his work (note the link at bottom for “More Paintings”). Be sure to click on the images for larger versions, because, like fellow Vermont painter Richard Schmid, much of the appeal in Boedges’ work is in his handling of edges and texture, and my smaller sample images here don’t convey that as well as the larger versions on his site (see the detail crop of the first image at top, second down). I suspect they would reveal even more visual charm were they reproduced larger.

I’ve linked below to some articles that go into a little more detail than his website bio. You will also find additional images, including still life, on the site of Robert Paul Galleries.

[Suggestion courtesy of Tom Jackson]


One response to “Mark Boedges”

  1. Well ! I am most surprised by Mark’s handling of tone and tone in colour to include both.
    He looks too young to be so sophisticated and knowledgeable about such things. I teach and I know that these abilities are hard won.Mark is very skilled and I acknowledge his dedication to his work
    Yours Brian Dickinson. .