Adam Paquette

Adam Paquette
Adam Paquette is an illustrator and gaming industry concept artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Among his clients are Wizarda of the Coast, for whom he does Magic the Gathering illustrations. Beyond that, I know little, as his website and blog are short on bio information.

His professional website is arranged as a blog, and the images are usually linked to larger versions. Unfortunately, the section marked “Process” isn’t filled out yet. I did find mention on his Prints and Originals page that he often starts pieces in a traditional medium like oil, scans the painting or sketch into the computer and does a finish in digital media.

His concept work frequently involves environments in which he makes great use of atmospheric effects and contrasts of scale.

You can also find a galleries of his work on CGHub and deviantART.

In addition, Paquette has a personal blog, on which he posts his sketchbook drawings, which are done largely from life.


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