Eye Candy for Today: Springer townscape

De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen, Cornelis Springer
De Zuiderhavendijk in Enkhuizen, Cornelis Springer

In the Rijksmuseum.

I just love these mid-19th century townscapes by Springer and some of his contemporaries. With their tactile renderings of brick and mortar, paving blocks and the assorted comings and goings of daily life, they are fascinating marvels of texture.

3 Replies to “Eye Candy for Today: Springer townscape”

  1. I am humbled and dumfounded by the sheer number of bricks! How long must it have taken to paint this? And you don’t say what the original size is–how small a brush? Wow.

  2. The brickwork and pavement truly do show an incredibly meticulous attention to detail, and I think the clouds are also amazing. They appear incredibly real, and very three-dimensional. A wonderful painting.

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