Sunny Apinchapong-Yang

Sunny Apinchapong-Yang
Sunny Apinchapong-Yang was born in Thailand to Chinese parents, studied art in the U.S. at Art Center College of Design and California State University, LA; and later studied with the renowned Russian-American painter Sergei Bongart. He went on to become Bongart’s assistant at his L.A. school as well as at his summer workshops in Idaho.

Apinchapong-Yang has worked as a visual development artist for studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Sony Animation and Don Bluth, while continuing to pursue his gallery and plein air painting, as well as conducting workshops.

You can see bit of his visual development art on the Creative Talent Network. Apinchapong-Yang’s blog is devoted to his painting, which shows the kind lively brushwork and beautiful handling of color that make evident his dedicated study with Bongart.

Apinchapong-Yang has recently completed a successful Kickstarter project to produce a book of his paintings. No announcement yet, however, about when it will go to print.


Eye Candy for Today: Frederico Zuccaro drawing

Taddeo Drawing by Moonlight in Calabrese's House
Taddeo Drawing by Moonlight in Calabrese’s House, Frederico Zuccaro

Pen and brown ink with wash, roughly 17×7 inches (43x18cm). Frederico Zuccaro’s drawing of his brother, Taddeo, drawing Rome and the Tiber by moonlight. I love the indication of additional drawings to the left and right, apparently on the outside of the shutters, or on paper hanging on them. The succinctly noted moon looks like something out of Herriman’s Krazy Kat.

On Google Cultural Institute: Art Project. Original is in the Getty Museum, which offers a 24mb downloadable version of the image, as well as an interesting description of the subject.

The 7mb version of the image from Google Art is also available from Wimikedia Commons.


Julie Dillon

Julie Dillon -  science fiction and fantasy illustration
Julie Dillon is a California based artist who is well known in the fields of science fiction and fantasy illustration. Her clients include Tor Books, Simon and Schuster, Penguin Books, Wizards of the Coast and numerous other book and game publishers. She is a winner of the Chesley Award and has been nominated for the 2013 Hugo Award for best Professional artist in the field.

Dillon frequently uses a controlled palette with a predominant color cast punctuated by brighter colors, often complementaries of the dominant range. This is a more common approach in fantasy and science fiction illustration and visual development art than in other fields, but Dillon’s use of is strikes me as a bit less overt than many.

Her work also feels in some way warmer than the approach taken by others in the field, which can sometimes feel overly polished. There is also often a tactile feeling of atmosphere in her images that I particularly enjoy.

Dillon’s website includes a gallery of her work, any you will find additional galleries on and on Dillon’s deviantART and CGHub pages. Her website also includes a blog and an digital illustration tutorial that goes into her process.


Drawn the Road Again (Chandler O'Leary)

Drawn the Road Again (Chandler O'Leary)
Drawn the Road Again is a sketch blog by Chandler O’Leary in which she chronicles her travels in the form of line and watercolor drawings in Moleskein sketchbooks.

I like the range of subjects and viewpoints in her observations, and the feeling of immediacy in her apporach.

O’Leary is an illustrator and lettering artist who markets her work under the name Anagram Press, the site for which includes a gallery of her work and an additional blog.