Koo Schadler

Koo Schadler, egg tempera painting and silverpoint drawing
Koo Schadler is a contemporary artist who favors techniques that were common in Medieval and early Renaissance art, but are not in wide use today, notably egg tempera painting and silverpoint drawing.

Though both mediums have their modern adherents, they are demanding in a way that many artists do not find appealing. Schadler, however, is drawn to their unique properties and the subtle effects both provide.

Her website offers a selection of her work, unfortunately reproduced frustratingly small, given the apparent level of attention paid to detail, with little hint of their surface qualities. You can, however, see her subtle approach to value and color. You can find somewhat larger images on the sites of galleries in which she is represented, listed below.

Her website also includes a section on the history and techniques of egg tempera and silverpoint, and she has written a book on Egg Tempera Painting that is available from the site.

Schadler’s work will be on display as part of an exhibition at the Southern Ohio Museum titled “Fast Forward to the Renaissance”, that will run from October 12 to December 30, 2013.


Tony Cliff

Tony Cliff: Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant
Tony Cliff is an illustrator and comics artist whose comic story, Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, was published this year in graphic novel format — to wide acclaim.

The heroine is a kind of 19th century Indiana Jones/Laura Croft adventurer, but portrayed with more originality, wit and style than that description might imply.

You can read a special 11-page self-contained story Deliah Dirk and the Easy Mark on Tor.com. The story serves as a kind of prequel to reading the graphic novel. You can read the first two chapters of the latter on the Delilah Dirk website.

I particularly like the balance of stylization to realism, and level of rendering and color Cliff uses in his comics, which is well adapted to his lighthearted adventure storytelling.

Cliff’s website is basically just a jumping off point to other sites. His deviantART gallery serves as a portfolio, and includes his delightful “travel posters” featuring the characters from Delilah Dirk, along with other projects (including the nice homage to Hergé shown above, bottom). Cliff also maintains a blog which features news and info as well as additional artwork. There is a brief interview with Tony Cliff on Comic Book Resources.

You can probably find the Delilah Dirk graphic novel at your local comic book store, or online if they are sold out.


Eye Candy for Today: Cropsey Autumn landscape

Autumn on Greenwood Lake, Jasper Francis Cropsey
Autumn on Greenwood Lake, Jasper Francis Cropsey

On Google Cultural Institute: Art Project. Use zoom controls in right side of image. Original is in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, and marks the beginning of Autumn (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere). The day and night are equal in length, and all’s right with the world — at least out on Greenwood Lake in Cropsey’s beautifully atmospheric landscape.


Lindsey Carr

Lindsey Carr
Lindsey Carr is a contemporary painter and printmaker whose current series of works takes their inspiration from her fascination with the numerous atlases of natural history that proliferated in the 19th century, in particular those from Eastern Asia.

Her recent works explore the look and feel of these books right down to their appearance of being aged and on stained paper, but with a sensibility that bridges past and present.

Carr is in the process of crafting a book, titled A Natural & Fantastical History of the Orient, in which she intends to carry the look and feel of the 19th century tomes into greater detail.

In addition to the gallery of paintings on her site, there is a section chronicling work on the book, and the process of producing it in the early 19th century method of printing from hand etched plates based on the original paintings.

Carr’s work will be featured in a show at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle from November 7th-30th, 2013.

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Theo Prins

Concept art by Theo Prins
Theo Prins is a concept artist currently working with ArenaNet, where his credits include titles like GuildWars 2.

His approach to digital painting appears to involve a process of layering transparent areas over opaque ones, like digital washes. The result is work in which suggestion plays as much a part in the perception of the piece as direct delineation. Prins manipulates his lights with theatrical spotting contrasted with muted ambient tones, combined with an atmospheric control of color and a restrained palette.

Much of his work deals with complex urban and natural forms, presented in multiple planes of atmospheric perspective. A number of his drawings are apparently of real world subjects.

There is a gallery on his website, along with a selection of drawings, and a few pieces that he has rendered out as stereoscopic double images. (Viewing the latter involves relaxed focus of the eyes, for which instructions are provided in the navigation area.)

There is also an additional selection of work, including drawings, in his galleries on deviantART and CGHub. There is an interview with Prins from 2012 on the GuildWars 2 site.