George Stavrinos

George Stavrinos
George Stavrinos was an illustrator active in the late 20th century. He specialized in fashion illustration, and stood out within that genre for his crisp, solid draftsmanship, personal flair and Art Deco stylings.

His clients included The New York Times, Gentleman’s Quarterly, Cosmopolitan, Barney’s Clothes, Bergdorf Goodman, Push Pin Studios and the New York City Opera.

The Society of Illustrators in New York is showing an exhibition of Stavrinos’ work, “The Vision of George Stavrinos“, that runs until October 19, 2013.

The SoI pages doesn’t have many images, and there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated website for Stavrinos with a gallery of his work, but there are articles on a few blogs with some examples.

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  1. Thanks Charley,
    Brilliant !!!!!
    Such skill, clean lines, with a great sense of the dramatic. I have only seen one or two examples of his work before, so I will run through the links you kindly provide 🙂

  2. Illustration Magazine published a portrait of Stavrinos but I must admit it’s work is too cold for my taste. People look like statues.

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