Jesper Ejsing

Jesper Ejsing, Magic the Gathering
Jesper Ejsing is a Danish illustrator working in the area of fantasy and gaming. I’m not sure of his current status. Except for a post in January of this year, his blog hasn’t been updated since 2010, and he has apparently let the domain name for his website lapse.

That being said, his blog is well worth looking back through. Ejsing does fantasy art, particularly wonderful dragons and dragon like creatures, fittingly for his work for Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

His blog often features preliminary drawings and alternate versions of the pieces. I particularly enjoy seeing sketches next to finals. Ejsing apparently works in traditional media, somewhat rare in the field these days, before bringing his almost finished paintings into Photoshop for final touches.

You can also find some of Ejsing’s work on the Muddy Colors collaborative blog, in which he posted as recently as this summer, though the only way I can see to sort for his work in particular is by search. (The Muddy Colors blog is shared by a group of terrific artists, so I’ll give you a Time Sink Warning on that one.)

Perhaps, as he describes in this post, Ejsing is devoting more of his time to painting for pleasure.


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  1. I love Ejsing’s use of color in all of his paintings, but especially the second and last one. And the Muddy Colors blog is phenomenal–just a great collaboration of fantastic artists. They always seem to have something interesting to note or share.

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