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Scott Wills
Scott Wills is a visual development and production artist specializing in animation backgrounds.

His blog, CandyCaneLand, includes examples of his work from both television and feature animation productions, including Samurai Jack, Ren & Stimpy, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Flushed Away, Sinbad, Monsters vs. Aliens and more.

Many of his backgrounds are painted in acrylic. Some of the originals, as the images above at bottom show, are quite small in scale. He also works digitally in Photoshop, and sometimes combines the two mediums.

[Via Drawn archives]


2 responses to “Scott Wills”

  1. I absolutely adore the drawing and computer skills of animation artists!

  2. Hi Scott, Reluctantly you gave my son Robert your 2 monsters when you were doing art for Tower Westwood, and I was just looking at them the other day and felt like looking you up. Robbie is now 28 and those two monsters are his most prized possession. Even when we lost our home in the El Nino Flood those monsters were what Robert saved. Thank you, Meredith