Barry Blitt

Barry Blitt
Barry Blitt is an illustrator and cartoonist whose clients include Vanity Fair, Time, Rolling Stone The Atlantic and The New York Times, where he contributes regularly to the op-ed page.

He is probably best known, however for his New Yorker covers, which are frequently political (in contrast to the majority of New Yorker covers) and often controversial —including the notorious Barack and Michelle Obama “terrorist fist-bump” cover, which some people apparently interpreted as a serious accusation (sigh).

His latest New Yorker cover, for the November 11, 2013 issue, pokes a bit of tech critique fun at the rollout.

Blitt has a pen and watercolor technique that is wonderfully loose and yet precise at the same time. He keeps his washes light and his palette muted, allowing the relaxed and often delicate pen lines to have their say.

Blitt’s website is divided into helpfully named sections like “Stuff”, “Things” and “Other Things”. Be sure to check out the sections for “Thumbnails” and “Links”.


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  1. Doesn’t get much better – e.g., the faces of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth in the bottom image. So good…not to mention the hilarious
    captions throughout

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