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Alex Mathers

Alex Mathers
Alex Mathers is a Danish-born illustrator now living in London, whose clients include The Washington Post, Wired Magazine, Sony, Google, Saatchi & Saatchi Penguin and others.

He studied geography, and brings a love of that subject to his vector based illustrations, maps and info graphics. He has a style that is crisp and richly colored, but also often manages to be atmospheric.

When looking through his online portfolio, be aware that many of the large images are linked in series to others.

Mathers also runs a site for creatives called Red Lemon Club, and an illustration platform called Ape on the Moon.


4 responses to “Alex Mathers”

  1. Eve of Eden Avatar
    Eve of Eden

    I’d love to see Mathers’ illustrations on fracking (hydraulic fracturing.
    The more there is to see and understand the scientific method of it, the better it would be to get involved.
    “Fracking” is not a process we want near our schools and homes.
    The Letter from Liz Kekahbah, Fort Collins

  2. These works are very whimsical and bizarre. Very intriguing and amazing work.

  3. I wonder why Eric Wert is called a scientific illustrator? Is there any solid proof to confirm this? Thank you, Charley Parker.

  4. Brendan Wenzel is a ‘funny’ illustrator.