5 Replies to “"Selfies" #3”

  1. Yes they are strong as ever. Fascinating too is how each is unique to each artists own art. I know that may sound obvious but they are not mere mirrored academic portraits (busts) of themselves.

    The use of props, some are not just busts, Rockwell shows himself 3 times and seems to suggest a controlled chaotic setting (maybe reflective of his demanding illustration deadlines?), Eschers’ is his reflection into a prop, Bocklin’s use of a skeleton… all indicative of their work.

  2. That’s true, David J Teter, about the self portraits often reflecting the author’s agenda. Funny to think how from the 1500s to the 20th century they often tried to build their self esteem by donning clothes and props that elevated them in the eye of the beholder from manual workers to respectable members of the bourgeoisie and beyond…

    …and then Rockwell takes the opposite route, trying so hard to deflate any hint of pretention in his own picture…

    By the way, I had never noticed that little piece of drama around the glass of coke (will it slide down to the floor? Will he catch it before it does?) on top of the book. Lovely.

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