Sorolla and America

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
The Meadows Museum in Dallas, in cooperation with he San Diego Museum of Art and Fundación MAPFRE, has assembled over 100 works by the Spanish master Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida for an exhibition titled “Sorolla and America“.

The exhibition will be on display at the Meadows Museum until April 19, 2014; it then moves to the The San Diego Museum of Art (May 30-August 26, 2014) and Fundación MAPFRE in Madrid (September 23, 2014-January 11, 2015).

Unfortunately, the Meadows museum hasn’t provided much in the way of an online preview of the show (when will museums learn to do this to promote their exhibitions?!). They have a few rows of thumbnails and pop-ups that are so small as to be completely pointless. (Hint to whoever maintains the Meadows website: Sorolla has been dead since 1923. These images are not under copyright. There is no valid reason not to post large versions.)

For a quick overview of Sorolla’s paintings, try WikiPaintings. For larger reproductions with more faithful color, see the Sorolla Museum entries on Google Art Project (my post here).

There is a new book accompanying the exhibit, Sorolla and America, but I have not seen it.

There is also a nice and reasonably priced book currently available, that I have seen and can recommend: Sorolla: The Masterworks.

Get them while you can — there have been periods when books on Sorolla have been hard to come by..

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  1. Was able to see the Sorolla show at the Meadows on opening day. It was amazing. There were rooms for portraits, landscapes, pencil sketches, and gouache studies. There were tons of preparatory sketches (oil and I think conte) for the more formal pieces.

    His portraits were stunning. They showed a great deal of variation in execution/style that surprised me and was fascinated by his selective use of texture.

    The museum said they are still waiting on the exhibit books to travel the Atlantic but are taking phone orders. I flipped though the display copy in the gift shop and reserved one without hesitation.

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