Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Illustrators’ Visions of Santa Claus (update)

Illustrator's Visions of Santa Claus: Thomas Nast, Reginald Birch, J.C. Leyendecker, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Haddon Sundblom

A follow-up to my 2006 article on “Illustrator’s Visions of Santa Claus“, in which I attempted to chronicle how 19th and early 20th century illustrators shaped our contemporary vision of the Jolly One.

(Images above: Thomas Nast, Reginald Birch, J.C. Leyendecker, N.C. Wyeth, Norman Rockwell and Haddon Sundblom — with detail)


3 thoughts on “Illustrators’ Visions of Santa Claus (update)

  1. Sherrill

    Merry Christmas, Charley! Thank you for this perfect Christmas post and all the other lovely posts you give us throughout the year. I always love to see what treats you supply us with! You have introduced me to some wonderful artists I may not have stumbled upon myself and I really appreciate all you do!

    Merry Christmas and have a lovely New Year! I look eagerly forward to another year of treats from you!

  2. Brian Harrison

    Same here Charley,
    Thank you for a year of fascinating and wonderful artists – and there have been so many !!
    These Christmas images just round it off nicely :)
    Have a terrific Christmas / New Year break, and I look forward to more amazing work to oggle at in 2014 :))

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