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Benjamin Carre
Benjamin Carre is a French illustrator, concept artist and comics artist.

I’ve found little biographical or background info on him, but his website showcases his work in a variety if areas, including a few brief step-throughs of his digital painting process.

I particularly enjoy his use of atmosphere and texture to convey mood, and the nice contrasts between areas of detail and more open spaces. He also works nicely within limited color ranges.

The names of the projects aren’t included in his online portfolio, but you can find some of the pieces names on his deviantART gallery.

There is a brief bio on Wikipedia FR, and bit of background info on Geek Art. You can slo get a quck overview of his work on the Art of Animation Tumblog.

[Via Eric Orchard @inkybat]


One response to “Benjamin Carre”

  1. Benjamin

    I’m an author…created the google+ community ‘Author and Artist Connection’ recently and would like to invite you to join.

    I posted your gorgeous ‘Knight Errant’ on the site

    If you wish me to remove, I certainly will, but hope you will join the community.

    Regards, Mac Wheeler