Sunday, January 12, 2014

A few more from John Singer Sargent

John Singer SArgent
Not that I really need a reason other than my usual slack-jawed admiration, but today is John Singer Sargent’s birthday, so here are a few of the hundreds of beautiful presents he left for us.

14 thoughts on “A few more from John Singer Sargent

  1. Aelle

    ~ He recognized beauty as beauty at an early age; indeed, no one who knew him could believe he had ever been unaware of it. He said his first distinct memory was of a porphyry cobblestone in the gutter of the Via Tornabuoni in Florence of a colour so lovely that he thought of it continually, and begged his nurse to take him to see it on their daily walks.
    Excerpt from ‘The Sargent I Knew’ by (his second cousin) Mary Newbold Patterson Hale, originally published in The World Today, November 1927

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