Skottie Young

Skottie Young
Skottie Young is an illustrator, cartoonist and comics artist whose clients include Marvel Comics, Warner Brothers, Image Comics, Upper Deck, Mattel and others.

Young has a wonderfully lively style that almost vibrates off the page with manic energy and cartoony exuberance.

He is noted in particular for his work on various Marvel characters, projects with Neil Gaiman, and for a series of adaptations of L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels, with writer Eric Shanower, the latest of which is Road to Oz.

On Young’s blog you will find interpretations of Marvel characters, images from the Oz books, personal projects, works in progress, various images of his process, and a series of daily sketches, a number of which have been assembled in collections. You can also find sketches and other items on his BigCartel store.

In addition to clicking back through the blog, you can view a thumbnail archive, and go further back through his old blog. You can also view his work in his deviantART gallery.

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  1. Also worth mentioning is the awesome blog Skottie Young ran together with comic /story artist Scott Morse: Scott’s and Skottie’s Daily Character Sketches,

    Morse and Young would pick a theme (Star Wars, Nintendo, X-Men, etc.) and every day they’d draw a different character related to the theme.

    Eventually they changed the formula and started working on a comic, taking turns drawing pages. Unfortunately the story stalled after 9 pages and the blog hasn’t been updated in over two years.

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