Yu Cheng Hong

Yu Cheng Hong
There are times when I like certain science fiction, fantasy, comics or concept art specifically because it’s completely and gloriously over the top. (I mean, who doesn’t love a trident-wielding Valkyrie princess, saddled up on a cross-breed allosaurus/styrachosaurus, galloping through mist-shrouded mountains? Really.)

Yu Cheng Hong is an illustrator and concept artist, working primarily in the gaming industry. His illustrations — that blend influences from those genres, as well as steampunk and who-knows-what-else — are pull-out-the-stops over the top — and wonderfully rendered as well.

His website includes galleries of work in several categories. The quickest way to get an overview of his work is on CGHub.

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  1. As I’m scrolling down, I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, totally over the top–look at the detail, the color, the imagination.” Then I read your post–“gloriously over the top.” Yep.

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