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James Tennison

James Tennison
James Tennison is a painter and portrait artist based in Fort Worth, Texas.

In his gallery work, Tennison seems equally adept with watercolor and oil, carrying through his fascination with light and shadow in both mediums. I find particular appeal in those compositions in which Tennnison’s landscapes appear washed in sunlight at angles late in the day.

His website has galleries of oil and watercolor, as well a selection of portraits. In addition, Tennison maintains a blog, which is a treasure of works in progress or early stages, bits of process, and comments on other artists he admires, foremost of which are John Singer Sargent and Joquin Sorolla.

You can also find a series of time-compressed videos of the making of several of Tennison’s paintings on Vimeo. Unlike the hyperkinetic brush flipping of some time-lapse painting videos, these are done with simple, graceful fades between stages of the painting.


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  1. Everything he brushes turns to SOLD.

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    1. Sorry to hear it’s cancelled. Glad you had a chance to see the Bruegel.