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James Freeman

James Freeman
Pennsylvania artist James Freeman describes his work as “Magic Realist oil paintings, a combination of landscape and still life”.

Freeeman’s fascinating, often complex, compositions consist primarily of plant forms — though they often incorporate man-made objects — in which the context of our view of plants is shifted by his selection of point of view, size and arrangement of elements.

The results are a series of often other-worldly scenes in which we, as viewers, are often reduced in size and intimately close to the convoluted arrangements of forms. Freeman deftly uses color and texture to separate his hidden little worlds into planes of distance and focus.

Freeman’s website has galleries of large and small oils, along with a selection of drawings that show the careful observation of natural forms on which his more imaginative work is founded.

Freeman also maintains a blog on which you can find additional images, works in progress, process sequences and more. He has also published a Blurb book collecting images of some of his work.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! That first one and the detail are simply luscious! And I love that drawing! Once again, love this new introduction! ! ! Merci!