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Cartoonist interviews on David Wasting Paper

Since 2009, David Paccia has been posting short interviews with cartoonists, comics artists and cartoon illustrators of various backgrounds on his blog, David Wasting Paper.

The interviews are a standard set of questions, the same given to each artist, the answers to which, of course, are varied. The questions range from interesting and useful, like “What is your favorite pen?” and “Did you have any formal training?”, to rather silly, like “If you were an animated cartoon character who do you think you’d be?”.

The results, however, and the types of cartoonists, comics artists and illustrators included, are wide ranging and interesting. In the more recent articles, there are more images, often including images of favorite tools.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a master list of the artists. You can see sub-lists of some of the artists included during a particular time frame in the “Blog Archive” navigation in the right hand column. If you follow the link below, you can thumb back through all the posts tagged with “Cartoonist Survey”.

(Images above, with links to my posts here on Lines and Colors: Roz Chast, Paolo Rivera, Steve Artley, Shaun Tan, David Peterson, Steve Rude, Peter de Séve, Tom Richmond, Kim Warp, Mattias Adolfsson, Drew Friedman)


4 responses to “Cartoonist interviews on David Wasting Paper

  1. Huzzah for the Mouse Guard Fall 1152 image!

  2. That Daredevil has to be one of my favorite covers ever. A concept so spot-on it’s difficult to believe it hasn’t been done before (repeatedly), but kicked up an extra level by the beautiful little touches in the execution.

  3. I love Kim Warp’s sense of humour. I couldn’t have guessed ‘WARP’ was a lady.