Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan
Concept artist and character designer Paul Sullivan has managed to create a particularly appealing balance between detailed rendering and a jaunty, cartoon-like drawing style — giving his digital paintings a lighthearted flavor without losing the drama often characteristic of concept art.

Projects he has worked on include: The Book of Life, Megamind, Turkeys, Afro Samurai, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Tomb Raider Underworld, X-men3 the game, Iron Man the game, Afterburner Black Falcon, Ninja Reflex and Gondolier of Love.

In addition to his website, you can find a selection of his work on CGHub and his blog. On both of the latter, you can find preliminary drawings; and on the blog, a selection of personal work, including sketches and paintings from life. You can also find some of his originals for sale on absolute arts.

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