Renato Muccillo

Renato Muccillo
The first thing that struck me about the paintings of Canadian artist Renato Muccillo was his wonderfully subtle sense of value, as well as the range of expression he achieves with an understated use of color.

Though some of his compositions are dramatically lit, with dynamic cloud formations portrayed in a full range of values, most are subdued, with their value contrasts and color range carefully controlled.

Many of his works are scenes in which still, reflective water evokes a feeling of quiet and contemplation, sometimes with a simplicity that recalls the 19th century Luminists. He employs atmospheric perspective to give some of this works distinct planes of depth, and in others revels in the textures of his subjects, the soft edges of which are suggestionve of Tonalists like Inness.

In addition to the range of value relationships, there is an interesting range of scale at which he works. Though some of his studio pieces are fairly large, perhaps 30×30 inches (76x76cm), others are much smaller than they may first appear, attesting to Muccillo’s ability to use suggestion, and let your eye fill in detail. The four paintings above, bottom, are less then 8 inches (20cm) wide, the bottommost only 3×3 inches (8x8cm).

You will find on his website galleries of new works and archives, and one of miniatures. You can find additional work on the websites of Howard Mandville Galleries (also here), and White Rock Gallery. The latter has a short documentary video on the artist and his techniques. There is also an article about Muccillo on Southwest Art.


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  1. I love the idea for this competition too. I developed an appreciation for the isolation of value as a component in painting, and the power of monochromatic oil paintings, from seeing the gray oils done by artists like Howard Pyle for book illustration just prior to the wider adoption of color in printing.

  2. Making the ordinary extraordinary! I’d never heard of this artist nor of Luminists but I’m a major fan now. Always appreciated JAM Whistler & JS Sargeant & Muccillo follows abley in their footsteps. I feel as tho’ I could walk into any of his works & continue to look thru’ his eyes at the wonder of the everyday. Thanks so much for aiding this lovely discovery.

    (There is a local to my area [NC] landscape artist with the same name. I am not she. I am an amateur photographer with similar point of view. ewb)

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