More “not the usual Van Goghs”

not the usual Van Goghs
I’ve written before about how most book publishers tend to take a safe, “greatest hits” approach to publishing works by Vincent van Gogh, leaving much of the fascinating variety of his subjects unseen.

In honor of Van Gogh’s birthday, here is another modest selection of some works of his you don’t often see. Most of these were taken from the Vincent van Gogh Gallery website (see my post here), where you can find many more.


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  1. Thanks, Charlie!
    I just looked it up, and Van Gogh made over 860 oil paintings alone, not to mention drawings, water colors and other graphic works..
    I love his stuff, but get tired of seeing his “top twenty “, so you could do this a lot as far as I’m concerned.
    Thanks again,
    John Kaay

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these! As mentioned, with Vincent’s work, there are certain paintings that seem to have been elected to represent his repertoire . I had no idea that he had any interest in painting in these other styles.

  3. Could you please publish the names of these paintings? I am trying to find them on the Vincent Van Gogh Gallery and am not having much success!

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