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Yvan Duque

Yvan Duque
Yvan Duque is a French illustrator, about whom I can find little information, other than a relation to a studio or group known as L’Encre Blanch (White Ink).

Duque has a web presence in the form of a Tumblog, a presence on the L’Encre Blanch Behance gallery and a store on Etsy.

The work, which appears to be done in water media like gouache or watercolor, has a wonderfully graphic sensibility, and utilizes both strong and subtle value contrasts simultaneously. I particularly enjoy Duque’s texturally stylized tree trunks and bark.

Duque’s work is currently on display in California, as part of the Gallery Nucleus exhibition, Adventure Awaits: Destinations Real & Imagined, that runs until June 15, 2014.