Ben Haggett

Ben Haggett
Ben Haggett is a painter from Montana, who also happens to make some of the best and most cleverly designed pochade boxes out there, under the name of Alla Prima Pochade (as I described in my extensive article on pochade boxes).

Somewhat ironically, Haggett has in recent years become fascinated with digital painting, working in Artrage on an iPad (images above, top five paintings). Haggett still also works in traditional media, like oil (above, bottom four paintings).

Both his traditional and digital work has a textural, painterly surface quality, with bright, freely applied colors. Not only is the “painterly” quality of the digital work fascinating, so is the continuity of approach in his digital and traditional media work.

Haggett’s blog features both kinds of paintings, and also has some photos of the clever pochade-box-like holder he has created for doing digital iPad painting en plein air (above, bottom photo).

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