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Cherngzhi Lian
Cherngzhi Lian is an artist based in Singaapore who works primarily in acrylic and watercolor, as well as drawing media.

There are galleries on his website, largely of scenes from his travels in Bhutan. There is a drop-down menu for subjects, accessed from “Painting” on the left (though I found it cranky in my copy of Safari).

There are also sketches under “Drawings” and “Travels”.

Lian has a Tumblr blog, on which he posts sketches, often photographed in the context of the scene he is sketching.

Many of his recent posts are devoted to his latest project, in which he is attempting to design “The Perfect Sketchbook”.


2 responses to “Cherngzhi Lian”

  1. Wonderful. Always enjoy reading your blog posts.

    The combination of landscapes, animals, and urban settings, made me think of Michael Sherman’s work- Not sure if you are familiar with his watercolors and drawings.

    1. I wasn’t. Thanks, Julia.