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Eye Candy for Today: Hanna Hirsch Pauli invites us for breakfast

Breakfast-Time, Hanna Hirsch Pauli
Breakfast-Time, Hanna Hirsch Pauli

There is an often overlooked sub-genre of painting that I particularly enjoy; for lack of a better term, it might be called “outdoor still life”.

I’m hard pressed to think of a better example than this stunningly beautiful painting of a 19th century breakfast table in a sun-dappled garden by Swedish artist Hanna Hirsch Pauli.

Richly painterly, with color that is at once understated and vibrant, it catches that magical difference of presenting still life subjects in the colors of sunlight.

The link is to Google Art Project. There is a high-resolution downloadable version of the file on Wikimedia Commons.

The original is in the Nationalmuseum, Sweden, but their version of the image seems over-saturated. I haven’t seen the original, but my feeling is that this is one of those examples where the Google Art Project got the color right and the museum got it wrong.

Breakfast-Time, Google Art Project


5 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Hanna Hirsch Pauli invites us for breakfast”

  1. That kettle is amazing. It’s its own character.

  2. Stunning alfresco setting and economy of brush stroke!

  3. Living in Stockholm, I have the pleasure of being able to go and view this painting. I love it, and always look forward to seeing it again. There was a recent exhibition called “The Four Seasons”, and in one of the smaller rooms for “summer” they had Breakfast-time opposite Zorn’s Midsummer Dance , along with Otto Hesselbom’s stunning Summer Night, Study and Prins Eugen’s luminous A Summer Night at Tyresö. It was difficult to walk out of that room voluntarily!

    Charley, I think you are right – the Google Art Project images seems more true to me.

    1. Thanks, David.

  4. The dappled effect is beautiful. I find it interesting how the tangent from the road to the shirt of the maid camouflages her into the background tree. I wonder if that was purposeful.