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Miranda Meeks

Miranda Meeks
Utah illustrator Miranda Meeks conveys her often dark-edged subjects with a subtle touch, and a refined sense of value and color. She works in both traditional and digital media.

Her website arranges her work in several categories (accessed from a drop-down), but unfortunately relies on you to use the browser’s back button rather than allowing some way to progressively step through the images.

You can also find galleries of her work on Behance, and she maintains a Tumblr blog, on which she posts finished pieces as well as sketches, detail crops, works in progress and process articles.


2 responses to “Miranda Meeks”

  1. I taught Miranda in one of her first illustration classes at university. She had a great spark of creativity even then, though not the confidence and beautiful execution her work now displays. It’s fun to see her progression. Way to go Miranda!

    1. Nice to have the teacher’s viewpoint. Thanks, Greg.