Paul W. McCormack (update)

Paul W. McCormack, portraits in oil and watercolor
Since I last wrote about Hudson River Valley based portrait artist Paul McCormack way back in 2006, he has established a new website which, I’m glad to say, features much larger images of his work (click on the images for enlargements).

McCormack also maintains his McCormack Studio website, which includes additional paintings in watercolor and oil, as well as graphite drawings. It also lists the roster of his classes and workshops, books, and his custom designed watercolor palette.

As much as I admire his refined oil portraits (images above, bottom three) and beautifully finessed pencil drawings, it’s his striking watercolor portraits (above, top five) that I find most compelling.


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  1. Oh my goodness, this would have to be the most perfect portrait work I have seen in many years. I am absolutely astonished at the sheer level of skill, attention to detail and finish that the artist is able to bring to his paintings.
    Wonderful, and thanks Charley, as always.

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