Richard Haas

Richard Haas
New York based artist Richard Haas works at a nexus of painting and architecture. He is best known for his large scale murals, many of which use a trompe l’oeil approach that actually changes the perception of the building itself, rather than simply using it as a canvas.

He also does the latter, however, presenting views of architectural subjects from different times, or just freely imagined, on the sides of buildings from a different architectural context.

His mural at 23rd and Chestnut here in Philadelphia (images above, second from top) not only plays with illusionary space, but pays homage to two of the city’s great artists by incorporating images of Alexander Milne Calder’s monumental sculpture of city founder William Penn and Thomas Eakins’ famous painting Max Schmitt in a Single Scull. You can view it on Google Maps Street View. (See my posts on Calder’s grandson, Alexander Calder, and Thomas Eakins.)

Haas also does interior murals, both trompe l’oeil and of other subjects. In addition, he does paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas, carrying into them his fascination with urban and architectural subjects (images above, bottom four).