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Liz Haywood-Sullivan
Liz Haywood-Sullivan is a pastel painter who creates landscapes and cityscapes with an eye to the vibrant color and graphic textural qualities the medium makes available.

Depending on size and subject matter, her approach can either be more refined or more sketch-like, with an emphasis on that fascinating area where the qualities of pastel cross from painting to drawing, juxtaposing areas of painterly color with textural strokes.

The work on her website is divided into sections titled Light, Environment and Atmosphere, reflecting some of her themes. You can also find an older version of her site on, in which her older work is divided into cityscapes and landscapes from the northeast and southeast of the U.S.

Haywood-Sullivan’s fascination with light in the landscape is often expressed in horizontal light from early or late in the day, as it makes contrasting streaks of value and color changes across her compositions.

In addition to her websites you can find her work on the Vose Galleries site (note the second page), and the Montana Trails Gallery, though the images on the latter are small.

Haywod-Sullivan teaches workshops in various locations, and is the author of Painting Brilliant Skies & Water in Pastel, and is a contributor to other books and instructional DVDs.