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Ty Carter concept art
Tyler Carter is concept and visual development artist, originally from Utah. While he was still in school, he interned at Disney Feature Animation and Pixar Animation Studios. On graduation, he began working with Blue Sky Studios, where he has worked on projects like Ice Age 4 and Epic, and is currently working on their new project, Peanuts.

Tyler creates drama in his images by massing areas of light and shadow, often guiding the viewer’s eye from foreground to background and back again. He frequently contrasts warm and cool colors to similar effect. His environments always seem to have palpable sense of depth, whether created with perspective, atmosphere or dark values.

Carter works primarily digitally, painting both his professional work and personal sketches, often from life, in Photoshop. His website and blog feature a variety of work, including some in traditional media. In addition, he has posted articles on color and his working process.

There is a selection of his prints for sale on Big Cartel, along with a book, Musings and Wanderings, that collects some of his images.

Carter will be teaching an online course through LAAFA, Introduction to Environments, that begins this month on September 11. Last day for registration is today, September 4, 2014, but there is provision for late registrants to be put on a waiting list. The page for the class also includes a slideshow of additional work.


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