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Clint Cearley

Clint Cearley, illustrations for Magic: The Gathering, Legend of the Cryptids and other projects
Clint Cearley is a freelance illustrator based in Fort Worth, Texas who trained in traditional media, but now works digitally.

His website showcases his work for projects like Magic: The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast and Legend of the Cryptids for Applibot, as well as personal projects.

Cearley sometimes utilizes a format often found in concept art and illustration in which a narrow color range prevails an image, but is punctuated by strong accents of a color from a different hue family. Within his chosen palettes, Cearley’s color and value relationships are subtle and nuanced.

Cearley is the author of an eBook, The 10 Most Common Mistakes in Digital Painting and their Solutions, and is the host of the YouTube channel Swatches. He also has videos on Vimeo.

I had difficulty loading his website:, so I’m posting a link to the Wix site that is supposed to come up in his site in a frame: You can also find his work on DAPortfolio and deviantART, as well as on his Etsy shop.

[Via Concept Art World]