Christiane Beauregard

Christiane Beauregard, vector illustrations
Canadian illustrator Christiane Beauregard apparently takes inspiration from early 20th century Modernist artists like Miro, Léger and Picasso, an possibly other movements like Surrealism and Art Nouveau, and playfully blends them with her own unique vision into a very contemporary vector art style.

Using fresh, bold color palettes, lots of eye catching curvilinear forms and nice touches of detail and patterns, she creates whimsical combinations of figures, places and design elements to present each illustration’s theme.

I particularly enjoy the way she seems to present multiple scenes within the elements of a given illustration, with shapes appearing as windows into other spaces.

In addition to her website, you can find a portfolio of her work on the site of her artists representatives, Lindgren & Smith.

There is a brief interview with Beauregard on Design Taxi.