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Laurent Gapaillard

Laurent Gapaillard, concept and visual development, children's book illustration, The Yark
Laurent Gapaillard is a French concept and visual development artist for the film and gaming industries. He is also noted for children’s book illustration, particularly The Yark, written by Bertrand Santini (images above, bottom four)

Gapaillard has a blog, though it hasn’t been active for a couple of years, and doesn’t include much in the way or credits of biographical information. You can, however, click on the images for larger versions, which are rewarding in their wonderfully intricate and imaginative details.

I’ve also linked below to what additional resources I could find, particularly for images from Le Yark. The only mention I could find of it on Amazon US is a Kindle version of the French edition, and a couple of used copies of a Spanish edition. I’ve linked to and below.

[Via Parka Blogs, @ParkaBlogs on Twitter]