Tomek Sętowski

Tomek Setowski, magic realist painter
Tomek Sętowski is a contemporary Polish painter, who would be most readily classified as a magic realist.

His compositions are often filled with cascades of multiple objects, figures and architectural structures. In many cases, he portrays objects or figures composed of other objects.

His color palate ranges from subdued and almost monochrome to broad arrays of colors. Sętowski’s subjects fly, blend, morph, fall and appear to explode across his compositions in slow motion.

His website has a variety of his work, including drawings, graphics and sculpture. I particularly enjoyed his sketches in gouache on toned paper.

You may want to note that his website plays music at you when you enter. (Why does anyone ever think this is a good idea?). Once you choose a language, it ceases temporarily, then in the gallery section, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page to turn it off.