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Richard Anderson, concept art and illsutration
Like a stage magician, concept artist and illustrator Richard Anderson deals in suggestion and illusion.

With an adept skill for suggesting complexity within simplicity, Anderson pulls from his arrays of geometric, semi-abstract forms the essence of an image, leaving your own imagination to fill in with details that don’t actually exist in the original.

His layered indications of mist, half-seen forms and muted edges gives your mind free license to project as much as you want into the the images. He also uses controlled color palettes, contrasted with sweeping, misty films of higher chroma color, to give his images drama and focus.

His website offers galleries of his work in various areas, including sketches from life.

Anderson’s cover illustration was recently mentioned on the blog of Game of Thrones creator George R.R.
, who described it as “kickass”. (In the same post, Martin also speaks highly of the new book Discovering Dinosaurs by one of my favorite paleo artists, Robert Walters.)

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